Part 1

Dadi saa was very angry n ordered both sumitra n anandi that from now , thy will stay like gehna with no jwels n gud heavy clothes(thank god, we get rid of that clothes n jwels), bhairon dnt like it n
interfares in between n says that he knows she\’s hurt by wat all happened but its not fair , sumitra stops bhairon n says that from now she n anandi will obey DS n gives her the keys with heavy heart n after that DS taunts gehna that now sumitra n anandi are like her so from next time thy both accompny her in sitting amongst beggars n also says that her beendnis r from poor family but she dnt imagine that thr\’s no difference between them n beggars, sumitra feels bad, n gehna stares DS n takes nandu from thr , sumitra n anandi goes to thr rooms, jagya looking from upstairs feels bad.
Anandi taking off her jwels, with a song in BG n was crying, jagya came n stops her but she removes his hand n walks out, Sumitra too was talking off her jwels n crying, gehna came n stops her n ask her to wear it again , as wat all happens is not her fault but sumitra(rudely) says that its thr fault n destiny n thy hv to obey wat DS says , gehna tries to make her understand but sumitra is out of her minds n says that she always wear these jwels just for the sake of family n respect towards DS but gehna has messed up all n she couldn\’t be able to save her happy family, she stares her n leave.

Part 2

Sumitra gives her jwels to DS n both DS & sumitra feeling bad , anandi came n sumitra was shocked to her like this n she gave her jwels but forget to give the earings so DS shouts on her n she removes that too, bhairon was angry, helpless n hurt, basant says that gehna has messed it n all the happiness of family r gone bcoz of her n DS leaves with the jwel bags.

Part 3

Gehwa was sitting in her room n DS enters n says that whether she thinks that she\’s not her daughter-in -law but she was alwas her mother-in-law n also dnt differentiate b/w any of her daughter-in-laws so from now both of them will stay like her n throws all the jwels in her feets n both stares each other.

Precap: DS warns gehna to beware as its just a starting n thr\’s much more to cum n she has to wait till evening for the real drama.

Comment : Horible epi it was , i dnt know wat actually happens in the previous epi but i think sumitra is a gone case how can she take all this insult n bhairo , he always speak against wrng but wat happens to him now n more above all were blamming gehna no one sees that both gehna n DS are equally responsible for wats gng on.