Part 1
The episode begins with a re-play of Vishal and Mili\’s exchange in their wedding night suite from yesterday. He places his hands on her shoulders and gently asks her what is it she wants. Mili pushes his hands away and tells him she doesn\’t want to go to London as she has some important work in Karol Bagh. When he questions her further she becomes increasingly frustrated and finally blurts out the truth: that she was rail-roaded into marrying Vishal against her will and doesn\’t love him. Then she drops the bomb that she\’s in love with someone else. Vishal is quite shocked, but dumbly says, Mili I love you and it doesn\’t make any difference to me that you used to love someone else or whatever…but now that we are married I promise I will never question you about your past affairs (wow this guy is pretty dense! Doesn\’t he get the message that Mili is not referring to the past she\’s talking about the present! ) Vishal continues: won\’t you try to stand by my side Mili? Mili is squinting at him and scowling. Then she condescendingly says, Vishal you say you love me, but do you even know what love is? She proceeds to give him a lecture about her definition of love, then says, I\’ll show you what love is. She picks up a scarf from the bed and ties it around her neck to strangle herself.

Part 2
Vishal panics and tries to stop Mili from tugging on the scarf she has wrapped around her neck. He manages to remove it and she coughs but has a strange smile on her face. She says, this is what love is, Vishal! Love means crossing all barriers and going through the most extreme things! Do you love me this much? What\’s wrong, huh? You feel pain at seeing me like this? You feel sorry for me? Well I don\’t feel anything except satisfaction. This is how much I love him. If you love me, then give me proof of that (she hands him the scarf). Vishal makes a disgusted face and says, have you gone mad! Mili wildly screams, yes I am crazy…crazy in love with him! Vishal then asks, why did you marry me then? Mili shouts, because he is married too, therefore it was necessary for me to get married. Even Simi and Abhi know this. Vishal is stunned. Mili lowers her tone and then tells Vishal that regardless of her loving another man, she will fullfill all her duties as a daughter-in-law and never give his parents any cause for complaint. She will keep him and his parents happy. But when it comes to giving herself to him physically, she will never do that because that right belongs to the man she loves.
At 12/24 KB, the doorbell rings and Manju opens it. Dolly Chachi enters with fresh, hot pakoras and chole bature. Simi, Neetu, and Omi are all in the living room and happy to see the food. Dolly Chachi says she knows that in a house where a wedding has just occured everyone is too exhausted to cook, so she thought she would bring some food over. Neetu enthusiastically reaches for a plate, but Dolly Chachi stops her, playfully telling her that she should not be eating outside food since she\’s pregnant. Omi smiles and says, that\’s what I tell her all the time but she doesn\’t listen. Dolly then asks Neetu if she thinks her baby will be docile like Omi or outspoken like herself. Neetu gets shy but Omi says that he is sure they will have a daughter and she will be just as beautiful as Neetu. The mood is light and happy and the family chatters on when suddenly Simi\’s phone rings. It\’s Vishal, but she can\’t hear him clearly because of all the banter in the living room, so she moves to her bedroom. Vishal is distraught and asks Simi to meet him. Simi is concerned and wants to know what happened but he tells her he will reveal all when they meet and hangs up. Simi looks worried.
Omi and Neetu get ready to leave and Manju asks them to tell her what the doctor says about the baby (I guess they are going for Neetu\’s check-up). After they leave, Manju and Dolly sit down to open Mili\’s wedding gifts and Dolly comments that Abhi can drop the gifts off at Vishal and Mili\’s home. RS and Abhi walk in from opposite corners of the house and RS overhears. He frowns and says, why should Abhi go drop the gifts off?

Part 3
RS furrows his brows and says Anuj can deliver the gifts since he has to go get Mili for the pag phere ceremony anyway. He walks towards the kitchen. Dolly says that Vishal and Mili won\’t be able to use the gifts in London anyway. Abhi follows RS to the dining area and when RS tries to pour a glass of water for himself, Abhi grabs the glass and attempts to do it for him. RS simply frowns and averts his eyes from Abhi, who is looking very forlorn. Abhi says, Uncleji won\’t you forgive me? RS strenly says, who am I to forgive anybody? You are my daughter\’s husband and you stay in this house too. That\’s all I care to remember. RS then leaves without accepting the water from Abhi.
At Vishal\’s parents\’ home, Vishal is pacing in the living room and his mother comes and asks whether Mili got up yet or not. Suddenly Mili appears behind them and sweetly says, greetings Mummyji! She touches her MIL\’s feet and Vishal notes that she is oppulently dressed and wearing her sindoor, wedding bangles, and mangal sutra…playing the perfect DIL. Mili feigns apology for having woken up late and tells Vishal\’s mom that she will make halva right away. Mrs. Mathur is beaming and tells Vishal, see what a smart bahu I brought to my house? Vishal looks hurt. When his mother leaves he asks Mili, what was all of that acting? Mili proudly replies that her fellow students in school didn\’t call her a drama queen for nothing. She reminds Vishal that she will keep her end of the bargain if he keeps his. She then comments that when one is in love, one can do anything for the person he/she loves.
At 12/24 KB, Simi is nervously pacing in her room. Abhi is sitting on the bed looking over some papers and asks her for a brown file. But Simi is distracted and asks herself, what do I tell Abhi? I don\’t want him to worry. Abhi sees that Simi looks worried and questions her. Simi busies herself putting laundry away and avoids Abhi\’s questions, but he knows something is wrong and presses the matter. Abhi comes up behind Simi and hugs her around her waist and shoulders. He says,

how can you tell lie to me? If you are Uncleji\’s dhadkan, you are my “dil”..heart.
If in an artery, even 1% of blood will be less or more, my blood pressure rises. (Basically meaning he can sense whatever is wrong with her).
Simi smiles. He turns her around and tells her if she is worried about her dad not forgiving him and asks her to relax, not to worry and that he would talk it over and inform her dad what exactly had happened. Simi looks worried but Abhi says he cant live with the feeling of guilt that there is misunderstanding between himself and uncleji. (Thanks to MeySimi for help with that last part since I did not catch it on the video!)

Part 4
Abhi says, Simi you are worried that your father has not forgiven me yet, right? Simi has a look on her face that seems to say, \’oh yeah…I had forgotten about that problem because I was busy being worried about Vishal\’s phonecall!\’ Abhi vows to speak to RS and tell him clearly what actually occured with Mili. He tells Simi he cannot live with himself knowing that RS has such a huge misunderstanding about him. Simi replies that she\’s confident that her dad will forgive Abhi because RS does not stay angry at people for long, his anger fades away as quickly as it comes. Abhi looks hopeful but afraid nonetheless.
Later Simi meets with Vishal in a public garden. Vishal heatedly asks Simi that if she knew Mili was in love with someone else, why did she insist that Mili marry him? Simi is stunned to hear that Mili went as far as to tell Vishal everything. Vishal complains that Mili doesn\’t even let him touch her and says all her physicall affection is reserved only for the man she loves and she will wait for him. He adds that Mili is putting on an act of being the perfect wife and DIL so that people won\’t suspect that she\’s in love with another man and still aiming to acquire him. Vishal directly asks Simi who that man is and requests her to take him to meet that man. The episode ends on Simi\’s shocked expression. (Simi dear, you and Abhi both need to tell your whole family and Vishal the truth about Mili being obsessed with Abhi and get the girl some professional help right away!)

Precap: The whole Sethi family except Simi are in the living room at 12/24 KB discussing what sounds like RS and Manju\’s wedding anniversary. The doorbell rings and Abhi goes to answer it saying that it must be Simi. When he opens the door he comes face to face with Mili.

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